Coding Expertise & Offering

Coding Expertise & Offering

At PathWay, we have capability to code brands and open-ended verbatim using Ascribe* or Manual** method. We recognize that coding such verbatim responses is often subjective and contextual. We ensure that our coders have excellent comprehension skills, as well as the ability to understand the socio-economic, political, historical, and geographical backgrounds of the respondents.

Our team has expertise in coding all type of studies, i.e. Adhoc, Trackers, & Omnibus, across several domains such as FMCG, Medical, Cosmetics, IT etc. The team is skilled with highly experienced members with > 10 of experience.

Our Services Include:

  • Develop, modify, append codeframes/ Codelist
  • Coding of studies on Ascribe or Manual Coding
  • Coding of open-ends & Others

Our Expertise:

  • Delivering high quality results for huge (from the responses standpoint) studies
  • **Manual Coding:

  • Manual coding is carried out usually on "question" basis, whereby a coder codes the responses to ensure ease & consistency of interpretation.
  • *Ascribe Coding:

  • Our domain specialist use Ascribe to understand and code open-ended responses (verbatim) with ease and accuracy, adhering to the standards of our clients.

Open Ended Coding JOB?

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