Why PATHWAY Research?

Quality: A Fundamental Shift

  General philosophy companies follow PathWay Viewpoint
Focus on quality Part of the process
Everybody’s job
QC process
Focused & targeted effort
Defined ownership & accountability
Value-added and Insightful QC process
Change in approach Check-and-fix
Check-list driven
Based on project requirements
Shift in process QC at the end Focus on quality upfront
Communication Limited to project related Cohesive and Involved communication
  • We ensure to do the Quality check by dedicated & experienced team who are market researchers first. We just don’t make it a part of the process, in fact, we put focused & targeted effort by defining ownership & accountability in our team. Once we understand the project requirement & continuity, we build client specific library & automated tools/macros to meet quality level consistently. Of cause, the final quality check is done at the end. However, the team takes proactive steps upfront in terms of identifying potential problems and takes precautionary steps.
  • We are firm believer of two way communication. We seriously look at the feedback from client & take quick corrective action. We do monitor the progress, maintain internal report card to improve.

Our Advantages...

Competitive cost benefits

  • We are not overloaded by undue overheads & hence offer a very cost efficient service
  • We ensure to give rebate to our clients

Exclusive planning for Quick turn around projects

We understand the nature of business wherein a project needs quick turn around. We are committed to plan exclusively for such projects & deliver accordingly.

Service reliability

We offer very experienced, specialized & skilled team of MR. We assign single POC (point of contact) for each client in order to ensure smooth execution.

Visible value addition

One of our leadership members get involved to ensure to meet (sometimes exceed) overall expectation & visible value addition on what we deliver.

Team expertise & stability

    Highly knowledgeable workforce

  • We have team members who are highly experienced and have global exposure of handling different kinds of MR projects.
  • High level standard

  • The team members generate high level output by using their experience & understanding the project requirement.
  • Technological skill

  • Some of our team members are not just analyst but also technical experts who develop excel macros effectively

Technology & Tools

The technology & tools (SPSS, Quanvert, Quantum, Ascribe) that we use are very flexible, scalable & reliable.

Client Centric Culture

We see our relationship with clients as strategic, long term, and enduring. We believe that honest and periodic client feedback enriches our relationship. Our feedback sessions are one-on-one to address any potential situation at micro level & it also stimulates new thinking and thought leadership.

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